The Wellness Resources unit can assist the employee and supervisor in providing services and supports when a health matter may be impacting an employee’s ability to work.

Referrals to the Wellness Resources supports and services can be made by anyone simply by completing the Wellness Resources Referral Form.

Common circumstances for referral

The following are common circumstances in which it is best for a supervisor, human resources, unions/associations to refer an employee or an employee to self-refer to Wellness Resources:

Extended Medical Absence (Greater than 5 days)
If an employee is currently away or planning on being away from work for more than 5 consecutive business days due to medical or if the duration of absence is unknown due to illness or non occupational injury.

Medical Accommodation (Temporary or Permanent)
If an employee requires a temporary and/or permanent accommodation due to a medical disability.

Patterns of/or Excessive Absence
If there is a pattern of absence or excessive absences over a period of time that may be due to medical issues.

Workplace Injury (WCB claim)
If an employee is away from work due to a workplace injury, then Workers Compensation Board (WCB) reporting requirements must be followed.

The employee’s supervisor is to notify Safety Resources immediately of any lost time and/or if the employee requires a temporary or permanent accommodation.

Note: Faculty members are not covered by the Workers Compensation legislation, as teaching professions are currently exempt. 

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury (SGI claim)
If an employee is away from work due to an injury they sustained in a motor vehicle accident.

Confidential Wellness Consultation

Employees and Managers/Supervisors may contact Wellness Resources to meet confidentially with Wellness staff to seek resources/information and/or obtain advice/referral.

Modified schedule and/or work duties

uSask is committed to accommodating medical restrictions with modified schedule and/or duties by working with the employee, supervisor, and health care provider(s) to determine how we can accommodate any temporary or permanent medical restrictions.

It is important that a meaningful discussion occur between the employee and the supervisor (or similar reporting relationship, such as department head) to establish the general requirements of the medical accommodation, or the length of medical accommodation anticipated.

While the employee is not required to disclose confidential medical details to the supervisor, the supervisor does have the right to understand

  • the nature of the medical condition,
  • the medical restrictions and limitations,
  • and the expected duration of the accommodation.

Wellness Resources can assist the employee and supervisor with temporary and/or permanent accommodation by:

  • requesting medical restrictions and limitations from the physician
  • interpretation and/or clarification of the medical recommendations
  • and advising the employee of short term or long term disability benefit applications, if applicable.

Please review the University of Saskatchewan Accommodation Guidelines for further information on the accommodation process. 

If a supervisor and/or employee require Wellness Resources' assistance with a temporary or permanent medical accommodation, please complete the Wellness Resources Referral Form or contact Wellness Resources.

Support and Counselling

Employee and Family Assistance

GuidanceResources® is an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) that offers free, confidential services to U of S employees and family members.

Coping with illness or injury

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