MindBeacon is dedicated to providing you mental health support that fits your life. 

Connect to MindBeacon from anywhere and access support from licensed mental health professionals. Whenever or wherever you need them, they're at your fingertips.

MindBeacon offers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is an online, short-term form of therapy that helps you develop strategies and skills to help change your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs related to emotional and behavioral issues that may be causing you difficulty.

Why use MindBeacon?

Every day, hundreds of Canadians access MindBeacon for:

One-stop private space to access mental health supports

24/7 access to MindBeacon content

Access therapy wherever you’re most comfortable

Receive high-quality, evidence-based care


Mindbeacon is here to support you through your lifelong journey to better mental health. They offer the following virtual services, so you can access them whenever you need them.

Guided CBT Programs

Complete an online assessment and get matched with your therapist. Your therapist guides you through a Cognitive Behaviour Training (CBT) Program of readings and exercises, to help you improve your mental resilience. All Guided Programs include unlimited messaging with your therapist. 

Live Sessions

Meet with your therapist through video or phone sessions. Book your session online and choose a therapist best suited for you. You can find next-day appointments and easily change therapists any time. First 3 sessions covered by the University of Saskatchewan. Subsequent sessions are reimbursable under your paramedical health benefits.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Clinically moderated by mental health professionals and offers members a safe and anonymous place to express their thoughts, concerns and triumphs.

Mental Wellness Content

Mental wellness content is available when you join MindBeacon. You’ll receive a monthly mental wellness eNewsletter with content developed by licensed therapists, exclusive invitations to online events and expert advice accessible whenever you feel the need to educate yourself on a variety of mental health topics.

Navigation Assistant

Confused about which service is best for you? Unsure what’s covered and how to get reimbursed? MindBeacon’s Navigation Assistant can guide you through your options.

Navigation Assistants Available Mon-Fri from 10-2 pm CT


MindBeacon is a 100% employer-paid service that is available to all faculty, staff and their dependents.

Accessing Services

You can access MindBeacon by visiting our custom landing page.

About Mindbeacon

MindBeacon is a Canadian company that provides a diverse range of confidential mental healthcare that includes self-guided psychoeducational and wellness content, peer-to-peer support,  therapist guided programs and live therapy sessions all offered virtually through their secure and private platform. Whether you’re looking to stay educated about your mental health or to seek extra professional support when you're facing life’s challenges, MindBeacon’s Workplace Mental Health Program will be there to help.