Sick Leave Accumulation

Sick leave accumulation, if not eligible for disability benefits, is 1.25 days per month prorated to your FTE.

Unless you are CUPE 1975, you do not accrue sick leave if you are eligible for the Disability Benefit. 

Your sick leave time is accumulated as follows:

Regular Weekly Hours Hours per month accumulated
35 8.75
38 9.5

If you are unsure how many hours per week you regularly work or what your current sick time balance is, please call ConnectionPoint at (306) 966-2000 or email All unused portions of sick leave will be cumulative to a maximum of 120 days. No further accumulation will occur until you fall below the cap. Part-time employees will accrue sick time on a pro-rated basis.

During the first 112 calendar days of a medical leave of absence (time away from work that is supported by a medical provider due to injury or illness) you are required to first use your accrued sick leave, up to a maximum of 112 days, and then reduce to the STD benefit amount. If your accrued sick leave does not cover the 112 day period, you will have to apply for STD benefits (if eligible).


If you need to go on an extended absence of 5 days or more because of illness, injury or for medical reasons

If you are eligible for disability benefits you can make a claim for sick leave/short-term and long-term disability benefits.

Sick Leave and/or Short-term Disability

Submitting a claim for sick leave/short-term disability

1.  Submit a Wellness Referral Form

If you require a medical leave of absence (e.g., pre-scheduled surgery, treatment), or when your duration of absence from work due to illness/injury is five business days or greater and you are medically unfit to work, then please complete and submit the Wellness Referral Form if you haven't already done so. The referral form can be submitted by your supervisor.

2. STD case management provider will work with you

Your referral will be sent directly to the third-party STD case management provider and a case manager will contact you and provide you with forms for you to fill out and take to your physician to complete, as well as go over their role and the process. 

If you will see your medical provider prior to a referral submission please contact Wellness Resources to request the required forms.

3. Submit forms to STD provider within 10 business days from the date you receive the package.

You are to complete and submit the requested benefit application forms to your STD case manager within 10 business days from the date you receive the package.

4. Find out if your claim is approved

Your case manager will contact you within 24 hours to conduct initial assessment and adjudicates the claim within 48 hours of receiving all of the necessary information.

Please note: Your case manager will make three attempts (over five days) to reach you. After the third unsuccessful attempt, the case manager will reach out to the people leader and strategic business advisor (SBA) advising them as such. If no contact is made, the disability claim will be denied and a closure letter will be sent.

Once your sick leave/short-term claim is processed

If your claim is approved

You will be sent an approval letter. You will receive your sick leave/short-term disability benefit (refer to your employee disability benefit plan). You will work with your case manager on a return to work plan. It may be determined that Medical Accommodations may be necessary.


Once approved by the STD case management provider, you will continue to receive the percentage of your regular salary stipulated by the sick time or the salary continuance benefit, up to 112 days. If you’re CUPE 1975 you are required to first use accrued sick leave (see below).

Payment details for CUPE 1975

After you have used up your Sick Leave credits (to a maximum of 112 calendar days for any one period of disability) or after you have been totally disabled for five working days, whichever is later, the Short-Term Disability Plan may provide you with a monthly benefit equal to 66 2/3% of your regular salary, payable for the balance of your first 112 calendar days of total disability. If you do not have any accrued sick leave and are eligible for STD, the plan is not payable for the first 5 working days of your medical absence. Your department will place you on unpaid leave for the first 5 working days unless you request to your supervisor that the period of time is accounted for in another manner, such as vacation and/or banked time.


During your approved sick leave/short-term medical leave benefits (health, dental, life, pension, etc.) will resume as normal during your leave or sick time usage.

If your claim is not approved

See your options below if your claim is denied.

Long-term Disability

Submitting a claim for long-term disability

Once your short-term disability benefit period is complete, 112 days days from the start of your disability, you will transition onto your long-term disability benefit. The university’s third-party long-term disaiblity (LTD) insurance provider, Sun Life, adjudicates and manages LTD claims. If you, your medical provider(s) and your STD case manager anticipate your medical absence will exceed the 112 day STD period, your case manager will provide you with the LTD forms 6-8 weeks prior to your LTD date to begin the process with Sun Life, in order to avoid a delay in any appropriate income coverage.

If your claim is approved


The LTD benefit is taxable (non-taxable for only CUPE 1975) and is determined by the salary received on your last day worked. Refer to your disability benefits plan summary to see how much of your gross salary LTD benefits (this will be between 60-70% depending on your employment group). There is a maximum cap in place, and other benefits received such as Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and workers’ compensation benefits (WCB) will be deducted from the LTD benefit. The LTD benefit is payable until (age 65 or 67 depending on your benefit age termination date. View your benefits plan).  

When/if you are well enough to return to work in a rehabilitative capacity as determined by Sun Life, your benefit will be reduced to account for rehab hours worked and paid by the U of S. Please read through your disability plan summary for more information about this benefit.


During an approved long term disability leave, your benefits (health, dental, life, pension, etc.) continue as normal, however, vacation accrual is waived.

Should you anticipate retiring while receiving LTD benefits, we recommend you contact the Pensions Office at (306) 966-6633 or

If your claim is not approved

See your options below if your claim is denied.

If claim is denied

If your sick leave/short-term or long-term disability claim application is denied by the University’s external disability provider, you will have a couple of options:

  1. Appeal the decision – you will be provided a letter from the external disability provider with information on how to appeal, and what information would be considered in an appeal. There are important timelines for submitting an appeal, outlined in the letter.
  2. Return to work – return to work upon denial. Please consult with your department should you have any medical restrictions or limitations that need to be accommodated.
  3. Request an unpaid leave – consult with your department if a personal leave of absence is needed. Approval is subject to the discretion of your department. You may choose to appeal the denial of your claim during this time as well.

Following a claim denial there will be important benefit information that will be sent to you by your manager. Please ensure you respond to this email, and submit the necessary forms in a timely manner as your benefits could be impacted.

Returning to Work from LTD

When you are medically fit to return to work, either partial or full, Sun Life will obtain updated medical from your medical provider(s) and will inform Wellness Resources if any accommodation is needed (e.g., gradual return to work and implementation of restrictions or limitations). Wellness Resources will work with you and your department to implement your return to work plan.

If you are unable to return to your pre-disability position due to your restrictions and limitations, Wellness Resources will work with you, your medical provider(s), your department and Human Resources to search for a reasonable accommodation. Based on your medical restrictions and limitations, this could mean performing a different job temporarily, moving to a different position within your department or moving to a new department and position. For more information on the duty to accommodate, contact Wellness Resources or view the medical accommodation guidelines.

Support and Counselling

Employee and Family Assistance

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)  offers free, confidential services to U of S employees and family members.

Coping with illness or injury

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Sun Life Customer Call Centre

Sun Life has a Customer Call Centre that provides information directly related to your benefits, claims submitted and status of your claim. Other questions or scenarios that Sun Life can assist with are:

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