You must report any occurrence or event that causes or has the potential to cause injury, illness or damage to people, property and the environment that happen while engaged in activities at, or conducting work for the University of Saskatchewan.

Work-related Injuries

Incident reporting

An incident is any occurrence or event that may cause injury to a worker or damage to the environment. A “near miss” incident refers to any situation where there was potential for injury or damage, irrespective of whether injury or damage occurred.

Any person involved in an incident while engaged in activities at, or conducting work for, the University of Saskatchewan should notify their supervisor immediately and report the incident. Incident reports document and provide formal records of all incidents that have occurred at the university. The information gathered is important for determining the cause(s) of the incident with the goal of identifying controls that can be implemented to prevent a recurrence.

Once the report is submitted, Safety Resources will process and review the incident. You may be contacted to provide additional information and/or participate in a review meeting to ensure all learnings are captured, and get your feedback on preventing a recurrence.

Injured Worker Assessment (IWA) form

If a person is injured at work, they must complete an Injured Worker Assessment (IWA) form. They will need to take this form to their initial medical appointment so their healthcare provider can identify any work restrictions/limitations resulting from their workplace injury. Once completed, the worker is to return it back to their supervisor immediately.

This form assists supervisors in providing modified duties as needed. Failure to seek medical treatment may result in delay or denial of the claim by the WCB.

Supervisor's responsibilities

The Workers’ Compensation Act, 1979 requires Employers to report injuries to WCB within 5 days of becoming aware of an injury that required medical attention (The Workers’ Compensation Act, 1979). Failure to report injuries as required may result in a fine up to $1,000 plus costs associated with the claim.

Employee's/Worker's Responsibilities

Employees who sustain an injury while at work AND have sought medical attention OR have lost time from work other than the day of injury must follow the following steps.

1. Immediately Report Your Injury To Your Direct Supervisor

  • you must immediately report your injury to your direct supervisor. If you are unable to, ask a co-worker or witness
  • if you need professional medical treatment, obtain an Injured Worker Assessment (IWA) form from your supervisor to take with you

2. Get Professional Medical Treatment Immediately If You Need It

  • Emergencies: call 911 (9-911 if using a campus phone); go to RUH emergency; and/or call Protective Services at 966-5555.
  • Non-emergencies: on the day of your injury go to your healthcare provider or a walk-in clinic. (If first aid is administered to your injury at work, be sure you do not require professional medical treatment.)
  • take an Injured Worker Assessment (IWA) form so the healthcare provider can identify any work restrictions/limitations.
  • return the completed form to your supervisor when you return to work that day. If you are away the remainder of your injury day, report to your supervisor at the start of your next day

3. Report Your Injury To Safety Resources And The Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB)

  • complete an online Incident Report as soon as possible. 
  • if you sought medical treatment and/or lost time from work due to your injury, obtain a WCB Worker’s Initial Injury Report (W1) from your supervisor or the WCB Support Team. Return it back to them once you have filled it out
  • WCB will advise you by mail and provide related information
  • you are required to attend WCB assessments and participate in advised treatment plans to work towards a healthy and safe return to work
  • you must remain in contact with and provide regular updates to your supervisor and the WCB regarding changes in your medical condition/treatments, anticipated return to work, and/or changes in your work schedule that may affect your WCB claim

CUPE employees

If work time is lost, you will be removed from pay the first full day off after the injury date. Do not use sick time. WCB will compensate you directly (bi-weekly). Immediately notify your supervisor if you are still getting paid by the university during this time as any overpayments you incur will need to be reimbursed back to the university. If your time lost claim extends past 30 days, to maintain disability coverage and/or Optional Life insurance(s) while in receipt of WCB benefits, you are responsible to pay the premiums each month.

Eligible ASPA, Exempt or Research employees

If work time is lost, you will remain on University payroll for the first 90 calendar days of disability.

  • WCB will advise you by mail and provide related information, including the appeal
  • Use your applicable university benefit plan (ex. Extended Health Care Plan) for reimbursement of medical treatments. For information on eligibility and coverage amounts, contact ConnectionPoint-Data Processing at 306-966-2000 or

CUPE employees

Are required to use sick time for any worktime lost. If you do not have any accumulated sick time, contact Wellness Resources at or ConnectionPoint-Data Processing to discuss disability coverage options.

Non-work-related illness or injury

Wellness Resources can assist in providing services and supports when a health matter may be impacting your, or an employee’s, ability to work.

If you need to go on an extended absence of 5 days or more because of illness, injury or medical reasons.

Leaves, benefits and accommodations

If you have been injured, Wellness Resources will work with you to let you know what kind of medical leave you are eligible for or if you qualify for long-term disability. They can also assist you will medical accommodations and referrals to supports and services.

Getting help

Safety Resources

150 Research Annex
105 Maintenance Road
Saskatoon SK S7N 5C5
(306) 966-4675
 (306) 966-8394

 Safety Resources

Wellness Resources

Administration Building, room E140
105 Administration Place
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A2