Injuries and incidents

Incident reporting

The University of Saskatchewan Incident Report form must be completed by any person involved in an incident or near miss incident while engaged in activities at, or conducting work for the University of Saskatchewan.

Workplace Injury forms and processes

Supervisor's responsibilties

The Workers’ Compensation Act, 1979 requires Employers to report injuries to WCB within 5 days of becoming aware of an injury that required medical attention (The Workers’ Compensation Act, 1979). Failure to report injuries as required may result in a fine up to $1,000 plus costs associated with the claim.

Review and complete the Supervisor's Responsibilities checklist.

Employee's / Worker's Responsibilities checklist

Employees who sustain an injury while at work AND have sought medical attention OR have lost time from work other than the day of injury are required review and complete the Employee's/Worker's Responsibilities checklist.

Leaves, benefits and accommodations

If you have been injured, Wellness Resources will work with you to let you know what kind of medical leave you are eligible for or if you qualify for long-term disability. They can also assist you will medical accommodations and referrals to supports and services.

Getting help

Safety Resources

150 Research Annex
105 Maintenance Road
Saskatoon SK S7N 5C5
(306) 966-4675
 (306) 966-8394

 Safety Resources

Wellness Resources

Administration Building, room E140
105 Administration Place
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A2

 (306) 966-4580
(306) 966-2882