March is Nutrition month. Eating well is important to maintaining a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy life. 

Talk to a nutritionist

Whether you are wanting change your eating habits to lose some weight there are free supports available to faculty, staff and students.

Eat Well Saskatchewan

Speak with a Registered Dietician for free advice about your nutrition-related questions.

Eat Well events

Healthy eating tips

Eat right! A nutritious diet provides many benefits, including increased energy, maintenance of a healthy body weight, confidence, and prevention of chronic disease.

Resources for Students

Access information about eating better on campus, the fallacies of fad diets, Learn to Cook events offerened by Peer Health and more.

Resources for Staff and Faculty

Get valuable information about eating well on campus and ideas for using your benefits to support your overall health including vitamins & supplements, nutrition programs and counselling or weight management porgrams.

Month Theme
January Financial Wellness
February Physical Wellness (Be Active)
March Nutrition
April Work Life Balance/Stress
May Mental Health
June Culture, Spirituality, Diversity
July Environmental Wellness
September Safety and Self-Care
October Mental Health
November Physical Wellness (Be Active)
December Study Balance/Stress