The University of Saskatchewan's pension plans help faculty and staff create financial security in retirement. The Pension Office administers five pension plans for eligible members and is responsible for the overall effective and efficient administration of the plans.

Non Academic Pension Plan

1999 Academic Pension Plan

This is a closed plan effective June 30, 2000. All eligible appointments after June 30, 2000 are required to enrol in the Academic Money Purchase Pension Plan.

2000 Academic Money Purchase Pension Plan

Research Pension Plan

Retirees Pension Plan

The Retiree Pension Plan is a closed defined benefit plan with all pensions currently in pay.

Group Retirement Fund

The Group Retirement Fund is sponsored by the University of Saskatchewan in conjuction with Sun Life Financial for members of the Academic Money Purchase Pension Plan and Research Pension Plan and will offer a Prescribed Retirement Income Fund (PRIF) and several other retirement vehicles, where applicable.

The main purpose of the Group Retirement Fund is to provide members who are retiring under the Academic Money Purchase Pension Plan and Research Pension Plan, a viable, seamless and cost efficient alternative to transferring their pension funds to a PRIF in the market place to provide a retirement income.

How does this affect you?

All members of the Academic Money Purchase Pension Plan and the Research Pension Plan who are retiring may transfer their pension contributions to the University of Saskatchewan Group Retirement Fund. You will be able to purchase a PRIF through the Group Retirement Fund and invest your funds in any of the eight investment options in the Group Fund.

If you have any questions about the Group Retirement Fund, please contact the Pension Office.

Getting Help

Pension Office

Room E180, Administration Building

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