The University of Saskatchewan's pension plans help faculty and staff create financial security in retirement. The Pension Office administers five pension plans for eligible members and is responsible for the overall effective and efficient administration of the plans.

Open Pension Plans

Academic Money Purchase Pension Plan

 For USask faculty and staff.

Research Pension Plan

 For employees involved with research at USask.

CAAT DBplus Pension Plan

For all current CUPE 1975 members and members of the Non Academic Pension Plan.

Closed Pension Plans

Non Academic Pension Plan

This is a closed plan to new entrants effective August 31, 2019.

1999 Academic Pension Plan

This is a closed plan to new entrants effective June 30, 2000.

Retirees Pension Plan

The Retiree Pension Plan is a closed defined benefit plan with all pensions currently in pay.

Retirement information in PAWS

There is a retirement channel in PAWS that is full of valuable information for faculty and staff who are considering retiring in the next 2-3 years, including:

  • when to give notice of retirement
  • pension and retirement income decisions
  • benefit options after retirment
  • retirement checklist
  • post-retirment benefits
  • and more

Pension Office

The Pension Office identifies and establishes operating guidelines of the pension plans and provides support to the various pension committees. It acts as a liaison and resource between the investment consultant, investment managers, actuary, custodian, service provider and pension committees.

The administration of pension benefits includes:

  • receiving and remitting member contributions to the custodian/service provider
  • maintaining member data
  • calculating and processing pension benefits
  • marital breakdown calculations
  • producing pension statements
  • responding to member requests for pension plan information
  • providing communication for the plans
  • preparing financial statements
  • preparing various reports for the pension regulators

Please contact our office if you require further information.

Pension Staff


Getting Help

Room E140 Administration Building
University of Saskatchewan
105 Administration Place
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A2

 (306) 966-6633
 (306) 966-2036

Sun Life Customer Call Centre

Sun Life has a Customer Call Centre that provides information directly related to your benefits, claims submitted and status of your claim. Other questions or scenarios that Sun Life can assist with are:

 1-800-361-6212 during the work week from 8am to 8 pm EST.

Or connect online through your MySunLife account. Visit and enter your access ID and password.