Changing jobs on campus

If you change jobs on campus, you may have some questions regarding your benefits and pension with the move.

Moving positions but not employment groups

  • If you are staying in the same employment group and maintain the eligibility criteria for benefits in your new position there will be no impact to your benefits. For example, if you take one full-time permanent job for another full-time permanent job all your benefits will continue as normal. If there is a pay change, any of the pay-related benefits will increase/decrease. For example, basic group life insurance is 2x annual earnings to a maximum of $500,000. The amount you are insured for will therefore change.
  • If you are taking another position, that is a term position, it will be important for you to ask about any benefit implications as eligibility will be impacted by breaks in service.

Moving positions and employment groups

  • If you are moving to a different employment group with your new position on campus your benefits will change. It is important to ask about the benefit plan changes and be informed before you accept a new position.
  • The pension plan may also be different, with a different contribution rate, so it is important to ask about pension plan details with the position.

Other considerations:

  • Parking – you may want to review your parking spot and distance to your new office.
  • Union dues – if you are moving to a unionized position, union dues with be deducted for your paycheque. You will also be able to access the union services.
  • Professional development amounts – your professional development per year amounts may change if you move to a different employment group. You can check your letter of offer or Employment Agreements for further information.

Leaving the University

If you choose to leave the University and resign from your position, providing as much notice as possible is appreciated. Each employment group has their own notice timeline so if you are considering resigning review the recommended notice periods.

Extended Health Care and Dental

Coverage for you and your dependents will cease the date your employment terminates. You have 90 days from the date of termination to submit eligible health, dental, health spending account and personal spending account claims incurred prior to and including your termination date. Any claims submitted after 90 days will not be paid.

Converting benefits to an individual plan after termination

After termination of employment, you may apply to convert to one of the programs available to individuals through Sun Life Financial:

  • Extended health care and dental plan - within 60 days of your termination
  • Life insurance – within 31 days of your termination

You may also convert the above benefits to a different insurance provider if they offer conversion options for group benefits members. It is recommended you shop around to find the coverage that best meets the needs of you and your family. Please be aware that the time frame for conversion may be different for other insurance providers than what is noted above for Sun Life.

Leave of absence

Please note that if you are on a leave of absence and benefits are not maintained, upon termination during that same period of not actively at work, benefit conversion options will not available for any benefit not maintained.

Maintaining benefits after termination

Employees are not eligible to maintain group benefit coverage after termination by paying for premiums themselves.


If you were enrolled in a pension plan you have some options on what do you with your contributions as you leave the organization. Please contact the Pensions office to set up an appointment with one of their advisors to discuss your options.


If you had any loans with the University that were being repaid by deductions from your pay, please contact ConnectionPoint to discuss your options and repayment.

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