These rates are the maximum that Sun Life will reimburse/visit. If a health care practitioner charges above these rates, you are responsible for the extra cost above the maximum rate.

Service Coverage Level
Acupuncturist $80/visit
Chiropractor $115 (inital visit)
$50 (subsequent visits)
Registered Massage Therapist $80/hour 
Naturopath $255 (initial visit)
$180 (subsequent visits)
Osteopath  $135 (per hour)
Physiotherapist $130 (initial visit)
$75 (subsequent visits)
Podiatrist/Chiropodist $80/visit
Psychologist $165 
Social Worker  $140 
Speech Therapist  $110/hour 

R&C limits are subject to change without notice.

Sun Life offers a medical and dental provider search on their website and mobile app. The search includes the provider's location, user ratings and a cost ($) indicator to show if the provider falls into Sun Life's reimbursement limit.

$ = lowest cost option available
$$ = lower cost option, typically below the R&C level
$$$ = These costs are more than the maximum reimbursement amount and you’ll have to pay the difference