About us

The University of Saskatchewan has a longstanding history of collaboration with faith representatives who have contributed to a campus culture of respect, inclusion, and pluralism. 

The growing diversity of religious and spiritual backgrounds and beliefs of the University community presents an opportunity to build robust connections with communities of faith, interfaith understanding, and co-operation. Faith Leaders are advocates for such conversations, provide spiritual guidance, support to the University community, advice regarding religious issues, and educational and cultural events.

Some Faith Leaders provide one-on-one spiritual counsel and all represent links to their wider faith communities.

Contact us

The faith leaders at the U of S are a multi-faith religious resource to all students, staff and faculty. Please feel free to contact any of us for support.

Aboriginal Students’ Centre: 306-966-5790
Baptist: Lou Leventhal 306-370-4155
Ecumenical Chaplain: David Kim-Cragg 306-203-1634 
Hindu: Asit Sarkar 306-717-2436 
Jewish: Rabbi Claudio Jodorkovsky 306-343-7023
Lutheran: Pastor George Hind 306-653-2509 
Mennonite: Kirsten Hamm-Epp 306-249-4844
Muslim (Sunni): Imam Ilyas Sidyot 306-341-8888 
Muslim (Ahmadiyya): Amir Ahmad 306-262-6411 
Roman Catholic: Michael MacLean 306-966-8931 
Redeemed Christian Church of God: Jide Oyetuga 306-261-3202 
Sikh: Jaswant Singh 306-966-7410 
Ukrainian Catholic: Fr. André Lalach 306-966-8930 
Unitarian: Laura McNaughton 306-281-5736